Let’s Read Three: Snow Books!


It seems that Winter Storm Juno was not as bad as predicted, at least here in NYC; but we do have a lot of snow! And of course, snow means snow days, and snow days mean playing in the snow. And when we are done freezing in the snow, we warm up with cocoa and books about snow of course! I have written about many wintery, snowy books in the past including my winter list from 2013 and one of my new favorite snow books by Jonathan Bean from last year. But today, for this Let’s Read Three series, I bring three vintage books about the anticipation, excitement, and joy of snow.


An added bonus in each of these, that I didn’t originally intend, is that they all feature sledding! The third book, I am of course cheating a bit as I only intend to feature the first story, “Down the Hill.” But it counts as a story, and is just the right length for a cozy reading with these other two. Let’s read three books about winter and snow! Read the full post…

Let’s Read Three: Inventing Books!


Happy New Year friends! It is that time of year where everyone seems to have some kind of refresh on their mind. Be it resolutions, lists, a determined thought – the new year tends to give us some extra gusto to do something. With these new resolves in mind, I think this set of three is perfect to encourage and motivate on whatever project you long to create.


I toyed with calling these “Perseverance Books,” but it sounded too cheesy. I also realized that adults don’t really talk about “inventing” things, unless that is their actual occupation. Children’s books are full of inventors and inventions of all sorts. I think we need to get back to believing we can create a solution to something, no matter our age. So, let’s read three books celebrating the failures and surprising successes of inventing!

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Goodnight Moon Animation Narrated By Susan Sarandon

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday week and are ready for the New Year to arrive. While you await, and rest a lot I hope, you must see this sweet video animation of the classic book, Goodnight Moon, by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrations by Clement Hurd, and marvelous narration by Susan Sarandon. Enjoy!

Also, don’t miss this great article from the Opinion section of the NY Times, What Writers Can Learn From ‘Goodnight Moon.’ Happy New Year!

25 Days – Book 25: The Christmas Story

25 Christmas Banner 2014

Merry Christmas! We have reached the end of yet another 25 Days of Christmas picture books. This season went so fast, and yet when I look back at the first books posted this December, it seems like ages ago. How is that possible? As I suspect no one will be visiting today, I will share a simple, vintage Little Golden Book that has sat on my family’s bookshelves for years. It is only appropriate to finish with a Nativity story and what better than a classic Eloise Wilkin styled one. Here is The Christmas Story by Jane Werner Watson, illustrations by Eloise Wilkin, 1956.

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25 Days – Book 24: The Night Before Christmas (Reid)

25 Christmas Banner 2014

Now it is truly the night before Christmas, and so I bring the last of the illustrated books in our countdown bearing such a name by Clement C. Moore. I have saved a new favorite for last, as I was astounded to find it and behold its amazing clay illustrations. Allow me to show you The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore, illustrations by Barbara Reid, 2013.

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25 Days – Book 23: The Christmas Pageant

25 Christmas Banner 2014

Three more days until Christmas, which means three more books in our Advent countdown! Today we have another fun book by Tomie dePaola, that is an illustrated version of a play about the Nativity story. It is such a fun concept to draw characters having a play and I love all the ways dePaola pictures the set and costumes. Here is The Christmas Pageant by Tomie dePaola, 1978.

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25 Days – Book 22: The Night Before Christmas (Knight)

25 Christmas Banner 2014

Can you believe I am back with yet another “The Night Before Christmas” books? And even more incredible, I promise this is not the last in our countdown, for what would Christmas Eve be without a “The Night Before Christmas” book? But this year I just had too many I admired that I had to include them all. I’ve made a tag so you can see all my favorite illustrated versions of Clement C. Moore’s famous poem over all my yearly countdowns. Tonight, let’s finish the Christmas Nutshell Library collection with The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore, pictures by Hilary Knight, 1963.

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25 Days – Book 21: A Christmas Stocking Story

25 Christmas Banner 2014

A third book in the Christmas Nutshell Library is the perfect little tale for our Christmas picture book countdown. A story of sweet animal friends who have a Santa-stocking mix up on Christmas Eve. Take a peek at A Christmas Stocking Story by Hilary Knight, 1963.

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25 Days – Book 19: A Firefly in a Fir Tree

25 Christmas Banner 2014

Christmas is coming so quickly. Last minute prep is under way before travel sets in. It is an exciting and hectic time, perfect for brief interludes with sweet little books. With a big emphasis on the little books, I plan to highlight four books in a tiny series over the next four days of our Advent countdown. These are the Christmas Nutshell Library by Hilary Knight. The four books come in hardcover at 2.5″ x 3.5″ and have a little box for the entire set. Maurice Sendak’s Nutshell Library has recently been republished and is easier to find, but I finally tracked down this little set and we are delighting in it. Reveling in it really. I just love Hilary Knight’s illustrations so incredibly much. Please enjoy this peek at these vintage books. Good things really do come in small packages!


The first book I want to share is actually a play on the “Twelve Days of Christmas” song. Here is A Firefly in a Fir Tree by Hilary Knight, 1963.

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