25 Days – Book 17: Stick Man

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Oh so late tonight! But here nonetheless with a humorous book for our Christmas book journey. This is a read-aloud book for sure with lots of repetitive phrases for great participation. From the duo that made The Gruffalo and Room on the Broom, here is Stick Man by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Axel Scheffler, 2008.

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25 Days – Book 16: The Night Before Christmas

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Well, I promised it to you, and now here it is for our sixteenth day: Holly Hobbie’s new version of Clement C. Moore’s famous poem. With fresh, vibrant, and gorgeous illustrations, Hobbie has given new life to Moore’s poem, adding in a new burst of wonder and amusement. Here is The Night Before Christmas by Holly Hobbie, poem by Clement C. Moore, 2013.

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25 Days – Book 15: A Letter For Bear

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Today’s Christmas Advent book is a gorgeously illustrated tale imported from the UK. I have been waiting for a while to see this one, and I dearly love it. The colors, the characters, the mind-blowing hand-lettering – you’ll fall in love with this bear too. Here is A Letter For Bear by David Lucas, 2013.

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25 Days – Book 14: An Orange for Frankie

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Day fourteen has arrived and with it a possibly new favorite Christmas book for today’s Christmas book countdown. I don’t know what it is about Patricia Polacco, but she knows how to tell some amazing stories. They are tender, family-oriented, and often tear-jerking as I found with today’s read. Make room in your heart for An Orange for Frankie by Patricia Polacco, 2004.

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25 Days – Book 13: Holly Hobbie’s The Night Before Christmas

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It is the thirteenth day of December and we are back again for a quick Advent book journey review. Taking up a traditional text with another illustrator’s interpretation of it, here is Holly Hobbie’s The Night Before Christmas, written by Clement C. Moore and illustrated by Holly Hobbie, 1970.

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25 Days – Book 12: Our Very Own Christmas

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It’s day 12 in our book journey and that means we are basically halfway there! Christmas is in 12 days. I am so not ready, but the celebration and preparations continue. Today’s books is very unique. I read it cold turkey with our toddler the other day and I was completely surprised by its format and illustrations and story. Even more surprising was that my daughter loved it. It seemed a little slow-paced and not a lot for visual cues, but I was wrong and she was enthralled. This is a beautiful, childish retelling of the Christmas story. A sister and brother play pretend and recreate the Nativity together. Enjoy sneaking into their playtime with Our Very Own Christmas by Annette Langen & Mariji Tolman, 2012.

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25 Days – Book 11: How Six Found Christmas

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This eleventh day of December, I bring you somewhat of an oddity of a picture book. It is an old book from 1969 with gorgeous illustrations. While the plot seemingly has nothing to do with all the celebration around Christmas, I guarantee that if you stick around for the entire story, you will be awed and merry and much more ready for Christmas than you were before. This is How Six Found Christmas by Trina Schart Hyman, 1969.

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25 Days – Book 10: My Christmas Treasury

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Here we are, ten days into our Christmas book countdown. Today’s book is from the 40s, but I finally acquired this copy just last week! I have been searching for this book for over a year, purely based on a few illustrations I’ve seen circulating on the internet. I have to say that I am not disappointed. This is a beauty. A collection of Christmas stories, poems and songs in A Big Golden Book, take a peek at My Christmas Treasury with pictures by Lowell Hess, 1947.

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25 Days – Book 9: Merry Christmas, Ernest and Celestine

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Our book for today’s picture book countdown is older and occasionally difficult to find. My treasured book is an ex-library copy with a sad missing jacket cover. The dull gray binding is hiding great beauty beneath, so I will share two spreads in this somewhat quick post. Here is Merry Christmas, Ernest and Celestine by Gabrielle Vincent, 1983.

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25 Days – Book 8: Sad Santa

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I have debated on saving today’s book in our picture book countdown for December 26th, but then I realized that I will be ready for a break from posting daily by then and this book is too good to chance forgetting to post about. Why wait until December 26th? Well, today’s lovely uncoated paper, graphic beauty is a story about what happens after Christmas when all the chaos and planning and hubbub is over for Santa and his North Pole team. Take a look at the plight of the big, not-always-so-jolly guy in Sad Santa by Tad Carpenter, 2012.

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