I'm Caryn, passionate obsessor of children's picture books and aspiring illustrator. I share my ever-growing knowledge and love of children's books at threebooksanight.com. I'll be reviewing books, sharing tips, and hopefully convincing the world of the loveliness of picture books. Join me if you will!

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How To Choose Great Board Books

Whether it be for your own child or a gift, choosing board books is not always as easy as it may seem. Unfortunately, some great older kid books get made into board books that shouldn’t be and some books are created specifically for babies that are mindless and dreadful to read.

Here are my top 10 tips for selecting board books for babies and toddlers along with a few of my favorite book suggestions. Read the full post…

Storytime & The Incredible Book Eating Boy

A new adventure started today with “Mrs. Caryn” leading storytime at Union Ave Books in downtown Knoxville. It was great fun and we had an excellent turnout. Surprisingly, none of the children had read our featured book which was The Incredible Book Eating Boy by Oliver Jeffers. Read the full post…

Let’s Talk About Book Trailers

If you haven’t seen one yet, allow me to introduce you to book trailers. Here is my favorite picture book one for It’s a Book by Lane Smith.

In essence, a book trailer is a 30 second advertisement for an upcoming book. They can be longer, but as in TV advertisements, 30 seconds is the norm. Most picture book trailers include a few pages from the book – often with the illustrations lightly animated – some music, and perhaps someone narrating some of the text. Read the full post…

I Think I Can

This blog has been brewing in my head for a couple of years. A blog about children’s picture books for which I am extremely passionate. Some have jokingly called me a hoarder, but I call it love. My collection is extensive, yet never complete. But I digress. I’m dedicating this blog to the knowledge, admiration, and deep love of children’s picture books.

So where to start has been the question for a while. Life has thrown a lot of curve balls and finding the time to devote to it has been difficult as it always seems for things we love. But here I sit, ready to wax poetic about authors and illustrators and what book to read when. And the inspiration for the beginning came in my mailbox a few months ago. Read the full post…