The book for this 16th day in our Christmas picture book journey is a lovely vintage story that I have been tracking down for over a year now. I finally found a copy that is well-worn, has a broken spine, and is in need of my post-library circulation TLC. I’m so excited to have it and share some of its loveliness with you. A tender story about growing up, being generous with your time and resources, and celebrating the holiday with an all-out surprise party. This is The Christmas Party by Adrienne Adams, 1978.

The Christmas Party cover

Back around Easter I posted about the first Adrienne Adams book that introduced me to this Abbott rabbit family who are the stunning painters of Easter eggs. That book was written in 1976 and thankfully two years later, Adams decided to continue their story with this holiday tale.

The son rabbit, Orson, is growing up rapidly and keeping himself very busy with the egg painting. He has no time for the little rabbits in the forest who vie for his attention. One day however, they corner him and coerce him into agreeing to help throw a Christmas party for all their parents. Not thrilled, but a keeper of his promises, Orson enlists his parents to help and they throw the biggest and loveliest surprise party the rabbit families have every seen. Read the full post…