Wordless Wednesday: The Red Book & Interview With Barbara Lehman

RedBook 1

Welcome to another round for Wordless Wednesday. Given the award announcements this week, it seems appropriate to highlight a previous winner in the Caldecott category. This book has been one of my favorites since it came out, and was one of the first books I added to my shelves when I started collecting favorite picture books. Something about the bold, red, wordless cover has always had me intrigued. And now that I live in the city that from my apartment window looks very much like the title spread below, I am attached to this book even more.

In this story, you’ll have to decide if the protagonist is the girl or the red book. And what about the red book’s main character? Yes, this book has many secrets, twists, mysteries and more to be discovered and pondered again and again. Let’s talk about The Red Book by Barbara Lehman, 2004, and Caldecott Honor winner in 2005. Also stay tuned for a lovely Q&A with the creator as well!

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25 Days – Book 20: Bear Stays Up


Six more books in this countdown to Christmas and today I am sharing a sweet book about friendship and celebration. A story about a bear and his friends who don’t want to let him sleep through Christmas. One in the series of books about Bear, here is Bear Stays Up by Karma Wilson, illustrated by Jane Chapman, 2004.

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25 Days – Book 18: A Child’s Christmas In Wales (Ill. Raschka)


We are a week away from Christmas in this picture book countdown. I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted already from the holiday. I’m also behind. So when I sat down today to write this post, I was a bit disheartened to remember I had chosen a very long book. I mean really long, as in, it probably shouldn’t even count as a picture book. But then I sat with it, read through it, and felt myself take a deep sigh. I needed the moment of peace. I needed to be told a story from someone like this whose storytelling reminds me of my grandfather. So I am at peace with today’s book and hope you need something just like it too. Take a moment with A Child’s Christmas in Wales by Dylan Thomas, illustrated by Chris Raschka, (1954) 2004.

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Let’s Read A Pile Of Dragon Books, Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my crazy dragon piles of books. If you missed Part 1, check it out for information on the chapter book we read, My Father’s Dragon, and all the crafts we ended up making with my South Bronx storytime group.

As promised, here is the rest of the pile of dragon books we ended up loving. It is quite a varied assortment, my only criteria being that there must be a dragon in it in some way. Themes work best when there is great variety among the books instead of feeling that they drag out. I’m going to do my old, big lists thing and just give one picture and a brief statement about each. So let’s read some dragon books!

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25 Days – Book 14: An Orange for Frankie

25 Christmas Banner 2014

Day fourteen has arrived and with it a possibly new favorite Christmas book for today’s Christmas book countdown. I don’t know what it is about Patricia Polacco, but she knows how to tell some amazing stories. They are tender, family-oriented, and often tear-jerking as I found with today’s read. Make room in your heart for An Orange for Frankie by Patricia Polacco, 2004.

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25 Days – Book 1: The Christmas Alphabet


The first book on this year’s Christmas book advent list is a gorgeous, fragile, colorful pop-up by Robert Sabuda, The Christmas Alphabet. Originally published in 1994, this is the “Deluxe Anniversary Edition” from 2004 and I have absolutely no idea what makes it different from the original as I have never checked.


I was sad not to fit this beauty in last year as it is just so much fun to look at, but it actually coincides perfectly with my daughter’s current obsession with all things “ABC” so it fits right in today. Requiring lots of adult supervision for little fingers, every letter of the alphabet is represented with a muted color flap that opens to reveal a fantastic pop-up image for that letter. If you love pop-ups, you’ll be enamored with this one. Read the full post…