Let’s Read Three: Thankful Books!


Continuing our week of Thanksgiving preparation, I thought it appropriate to have a grouping of books revolving simply around the theme of thankfulness. While these are perfectly themed for the holiday ahead, a grateful attitude is beautiful and necessary all year round. Let’s read three books about thankfulness! Read the full post…

Book Review: How To Paint The Portrait Of A Bird By Prévert & Gerstein

GersteinBird 1

There is a famous quote, attributed to C. S. Lewis, that I am frequently encountering: “A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.” I love that this quote exists and I enjoy so many people befriending it, but I don’t often see people taking it seriously when it comes to picture books. There are gobs of picture books pummeling the market regularly and as I frequently hint about, I don’t think they all deserve to be there. I do admit that some picture books are great even though they are perfectly geared only for a tiny child. I can appreciate them for what they are intended. But I deeply treasure the books that I can share that are wholly personal to the creator and speak on all kinds of levels to people of different ages.

Today I offer a look at one of those pieces of beautiful art. A French poem translated and illustrated in a way that ponders creativity, art, waiting, and wonder. It is a book that requests and deserves many reads and I feel the reader always leaves with a new discovery. Allow me to show you How to Paint the Portrait of a Bird by Jacques Prévert, illustrated and translated by Mordicai Gerstein, 2007. Read the full post…

Book Review: The Gettysburg Address By Sam Fink

Lincoln cover

Today is dear old Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. I always feel kind of sorry for his day as it gets quite overshadowed by all the red and hearts of the coming holiday. So, in honor of our 16th President, I’m here to share one of my favorite historical picture books. This is The Gettysburg Address, inscribed and illustrated by Sam Fink, 2007. Read the full post…

Book Review: Leaves By David Ezra Stein

My apologies for missing a large post on Monday. I had intended to create a favorite fall book list in celebration of the first day of fall, but alas, my bookshelves are alarmingly empty of great fall books. I’m looking into this, wondering if it is a lack of great fall books in general or just in my possession. I do however have a few that I plan on highlighting this season and perhaps that list will still come.

I’m also working on a new format for book reviews, as I’m just not in love with my current method. Thanks in advance for your patience as I figure this out and let me know if there’s something you’d love to see here. I’d be interested to hear. Now on to a fall book review! Read the full post…