25 Days of Christmas Books

25 Days – Book 15: Miracle on 133rd Street


Ten days until Christmas! As we truck on in our picture book countdown, I am delighted to bring yet another new book this year. I am beginning to realize I have a small obsession with this illustrator. It comes as a complete surprise to me as I don’t actively seek out her books; but every time I come across one, I fall madly in love. But it isn’t just the images here; this story is beautiful, heartwarming, familial, and a little tear-jerking. Come delight in another Christmas miracle that changes an apartment building and a whole community, all thanks to a special Puerto Rican Christmas roast. Here is Miracle on 133rd Street by Sonia Manzano, illustrated by Marjorie Priceman, 2015.

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25 Days of Christmas Children’s Picture Books, 2015


December 1 has arrived and it is time to celebrate the coming of Christmas with an advent of sorts. Continuing my tradition for its fourth year, I am now kicking off the 25 Days of Christmas Children’s Picture Books, 2015! I have quite a selection of brand new, vintage, and in-between Christmas picture books to share. I will do my best to keep each day short with just a quick post about the book and a picture or two. I hope you’ll read along.

And if you want, check out past years: 2012, 2013, 2014! There are so many great Christmas picture books out there! Happy holidays!

25 Days – Book 18: Father Christmas

25 Christmas Banner 2014

Can you believe Christmas is one week away? I am equally excited and terrified as I have so much left to do! How does it always sneak up so fast? I can fully understand the Scrooge mentality sometimes as things just tend to get out of control crazy around the holiday. Perhaps it was these kind of thoughts that inspired the creation of this humorous look at the man in the red suit who has just had it with the whole mess. For our eighteenth book in this countdown, I bring a picture book in cartoon strip style and a brilliantly UK origin. Here is Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs, 1973.

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25 Days – Book 1: Christmas is Coming

25 Christmas Banner 2014

My apologies on a late start for this year’s Christmas book Advent list. This Christmas season is already shaping up to be even more packed with all the amazing festivities NYC puts on. It is so exciting to be here and seeing it all, but it is even more incredible to be living it with our toddler. It feels like the holiday is once again brand new to her and that means all the books are too! It is so fun to be “introducing” the holiday to her and wondering if she’ll remember anything this time around. I found myself picking out specific books for certain days as a way to build up and explain things as they arrive. What an added joy to this lovely season!

For our first book, I chose a new book to us, but quite old in its age. It is an excellent fit for simply introducing the holiday. Christmas is Coming by Marcia Martin, pictures by Alison Cummings is a Wonder Book from 1952 and it drips of sweetness. It has a lovable, wholesome family from the 50s and a quick overview of the many nostalgic aspects of the holiday from the darling children’s perspective.

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25 Days of Children’s Picture Books for Christmas, 2014

25 Christmas Title 2014

I can hardly believe it is that time of year again. Christmas season has begun! Oh, how things have changed in the past year with our big move, new baby, and even all my new book finds! I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever run out of books to do a picture book countdown until Christmas. It is hard to believe there are so many lovely Christmas-themed picture books out there, and my goodness, there are so many renditions of “The Night Before Christmas!” Getting this in late on December 1, I’m ready to try my hand at another year. I hope you’ll join along! And if you are looking for more Christmas book ideas, be sure to check out my 2012 countdown and 2013 countdown too! Let the Advent season begin!

25 Days — Book 25: Twelve Days of Christmas

And so begins the Twelve Days of Christmas. And for our last book, I bring a little bit of silliness. I know the true spirit of Christmas is reflective and joyous; all wrapped up in a tiny baby. But there is always room for cleverness and laughter! So for our last book, we have a fantastic creation from the ever amazing Jack Kent. Published in 1973, this book brought a new perspective and appreciation for a traditional song that I have always loathed. This is Jack Kent’s Twelve Days of Christmas.


I’m sure everyone is familiar with that incredibly repetitive song starting with a partridge in a pear tree; and here Jack Kent takes a literal interpretation with a young lad giving his true love larger and larger gifts each day of the Christmas season. Read the full post…

25 Days – Book 24: The Night Before Christmas

T’was the day before Christmas and our 24th book is a version of the well-known classic poem, The Night Before Christmas, by Clement Moore. This particular book is a beautiful shape book from 1962 by Whitman Publishing Company.


The lilting rhymes and vintage style of writing about the visit of St. Nick are paired with a lovely die-cut book and bold, detailed illustrations.

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Day 25 – Book 22: Santa Claus: The World’s Number One Toy Expert

Book 22 is by the fabulous Marla Frazee from 2005, Santa Claus: The World’s Number One Toy Expert.


This book is fantastic. Not being much of a Santa lover myself, this book completely changes my mind about the jolly fellow. This is a story about that famous guy in the red suit that pretty much only gets talked about in December. If you’ve ever wondered how on earth dear old Santa gets everything done and always just right, this is the book for you. Read the full post…

25 Days—Book 21: The Mole Family’s Christmas

Five more books to go! Today’s story is a vintage tale from 1969 by the Hobans, The Mole Family’s Christmas.


A fine classic of a tale, this story is about a family of hard-working moles whose son, Delver, inadvertently learns about Christmas and a fat man in a red suit who visits those with chimneys. In the process, he also learns of the existence of stars, which nearsighted moles are not able to see, and about telescopes which enable better viewing of said stars. With a new longing to see the stars singing with their glimmering and shining, Delver decides to write to the man in red, chance being caught by the old owl, and make a chimney for the mole home in hopes of receiving a telescope. Read the full post…