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Let’s Read Three: Vintage Valentine’s Day Books!

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s been a long quiet stretch here since Christmas Day. While I’m not one to collect many Valentine’s themed books, I couldn’t help but grab a few pictures of three of my favorite vintage Valentine books. These books are harder to find but you know I love a good trio, and these three are all quite different in their approach to this holiday. (I’ve been pondering a different format for posts on occasion, so bear with my as I try this square, quicker format today.) Let’s read three (vintage) books about Valentine’s Day! Read the full post…

Ten Lovely Picture Books For Valentine’s Day, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014 Title

February 14th is almost upon us and while that day is just another date to some, a birthday to many people, and International Book Giving Day to others – most people know the day as Valentine’s Day. Last year I struggled to make a list of themed books as I just never really get into this particular holiday, but there really are a lot of lovely books that are love-themed, heart-themed or especially specific to the day. So, I have pulled a few of my new favorites and we’ve been reading them constantly this week in great enjoyment. Reading is a good cause anytime and love is worth being celebrated, so why not have some love-themed books on the agenda for the week! Allow me to help you find some great ones. Here are 10 children’s picture books for Valentine’s Day to help you get in the loving mood. Read the full post…

25 Days – Book 16: The Christmas Party


The book for this 16th day in our Christmas picture book journey is a lovely vintage story that I have been tracking down for over a year now. I finally found a copy that is well-worn, has a broken spine, and is in need of my post-library circulation TLC. I’m so excited to have it and share some of its loveliness with you. A tender story about growing up, being generous with your time and resources, and celebrating the holiday with an all-out surprise party. This is The Christmas Party by Adrienne Adams, 1978.

The Christmas Party cover

Back around Easter I posted about the first Adrienne Adams book that introduced me to this Abbott rabbit family who are the stunning painters of Easter eggs. That book was written in 1976 and thankfully two years later, Adams decided to continue their story with this holiday tale.

The son rabbit, Orson, is growing up rapidly and keeping himself very busy with the egg painting. He has no time for the little rabbits in the forest who vie for his attention. One day however, they corner him and coerce him into agreeing to help throw a Christmas party for all their parents. Not thrilled, but a keeper of his promises, Orson enlists his parents to help and they throw the biggest and loveliest surprise party the rabbit families have every seen. Read the full post…

Children’s Picture Books For Easter, 2013


No matter how spring is treating you in your part of the world (we have snow here!), hopefully you are looking forward to the arrival of Sunday and its special spring holiday, Easter! To help you prepare and celebrate I have compiled a handful of books, well sixteen actually, that range in topics but all relate in some form to this flowery event. Easter is a holiday with lots of themes, all of which are special and beautiful to read about. I had a lot of fun tracking down an assortment of books, so there are some serious, lots of silly, a couple Christian, and a plethora of bunnies, chicks, eggs and even Santa Claus! Here are sixteen children’s picture books for Easter (beware, it’s long!). Read the full post…