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Let’s Read Three: Chicken Picture Books!


I have a slightly odd book-pairing today. All three of these books are so lovely and quite enjoyable that I just had to make a grouping, despite the subject being a bit peculiar. Everybody loves to read about chickens, right? The backyard chicken movement seems to be slowing down in popularity news-wise, but I know many who have awesome egg-laying friends pecking around their yards. And chickens make great picture book characters. Their shape and strut give tons of illustration inspiration and they all seem to sport some great attitude. Let’s read three picture books about chickens!


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Let’s Read Three: Airplane Books


It’s time for another quick picture book trio! Today’s grouping is in appreciation of all things aeronautical. It seems that nearly every child goes through an airplane phase and the plethora of plane picture books seems to support my observation. In honor of that, I’ve put together three of my favorite airplane picture books that work well together and are a mixture of old and new as well as short and long. So let’s read three books about airplanes!


Don’t be scared off by two of these being board books. I’ve said it many times, board books don’t have to be just for babies. They should always be shorter, and if done well, are a very concise story perfectly paired with longer books as I’ve done here. And these two board books are beauties! Read the full post…

How To Shop For Used Children’s Books

my Longest Yard Sale finds

Bookstores are my kryptonite. Rarely can I pass one without stopping in, if even just for a moment. I love the smell of books, the look of bookstore patrons, the chance of finding something new or unknown. Old or new, books are my best friends and I love to be surrounded by them. When buying used books though, I follow a few personal rules, especially when it comes to children’s books which can often be too loved.

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