25 Days – Book 20: Babar’s Christmas Tree

Day 20 brings an old, tiny book from the Babar series. I really love tiny books. While I appreciate picture books in all their forms, I really think there is something special about tiny books. They match their audience perfectly – little hands, little books. I think Beatrix Potter really knew what she was doing with her classic, small books. I have a slowly building collection of tiny books, and while I would love to keep them pristine and precious; I really love to share them with my girls. They adore them. They carry them around, read them to their stuffed toys and dolls, collect them in bags… tiny books are so delightful.

I recently discovered a set of small Babar books. I have a love/hate relationship with Babar. I remember my first Babar book being a little paperback I earned from the reading program at my library. I loved that book, mostly because I earned it. And the anthropomorphized elephants were so fascinating. Babar stories tend to be very odd and have a questionable colonialism tone that has caused controversy over the years. This one ranks in the odd but cute and my three year old loves its simplicity. Take a (tiny) peek at Babar’s Christmas Tree by Laurent de Brunhoff, 1974.

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25 Days – Book 3: Babar And Father Christmas

Day 3 of our advent list includes a story from 1940 by Jean de Brunhoff, Babar and Father Christmas. As with all Babar stories, this one is a little odd, but still quite entertaining.

In this tale, Zephir the monkey discovers and tells Babar’s children about Father Christmas who visits Man’s country and brings toys to little boys and girls. The children are excited at the possibility and write to ask Father Christmas to visit Elephant country. When the lack of response discourages them, Babar learns of it and decides to search for Father Christmas himself and extend a personal invitation to him. Read the full post…