Book Review: When’s My Birthday? By Fogliano & Robinson

Once again, Christian Robinson’s illustrations have stolen my attention and heart. I’ve had my eye on this book coming out since the first illustration hints I saw on Robinson’s Instagram. I saved it as an idea for potential gift giving for one of my children, but then it came out this September and who am I kidding, I wanted it for me! Take a peek at this marvelous new collaboration between the delightfully poetic author, Julie Fogliano and the brilliantly clever illustrator, Christian Robinson. Here is When’s My Birthday? Read the full post…

Let’s Read Three: Birthday Books!


April is a crazy fun birthday month for us nowadays. Both my daughters were born in April so this month has proven to be particularly festive. What a perfect occasion for a book grouping and I am particularly fond of these three. The first is newer and by a current illustrator obsession of mine, the second is one of our oldest’s very favorite books and was also one of my husband’s favorite childhood books, and the third was one of my favorite childhood books. I love when books stay around like that. We tend to think books are a part of our lives, but sometimes, we are just a part of theirs!

Come join the party and read three books celebrating birthdays! Read the full post…

Book Review: Shrewbettina’s Birthday By John S. Goodall


It is two days from the first day of fall which can only mean two things: First, the best month and season have arrived, and second, I forgot to do anything to celebrate this little blog’s first birthday. August 22, 2012 was my first post here and that date has come and gone unnoticed. So, although I’m a month late, I still prefer to celebrate great birthdays in September and I’m going to celebrate today with a marvel of a little book about a sweet shrew mouse’s birthday. Completely wordless, but incredibly stunning; this is nothing but a little masterpiece from a fantastic illustrator. So come to a party with me in Shrewbettina’s Birthday by John S. Goodall, 1970. Read the full post…