Happy 19th day of December! I have a sweet and silly book to share especially for parents but incredibly loved by young kids probably more. One of the Book and Record sets, this is a Mercer Mayer Christmas edition with his famous “Little Critter” wishing his parents a Merry Christmas by “helping” with all sorts of holiday items. Here is Merry Christmas Mom and Dad by Mercer Mayer, 1975.

Merry Christmas Mom and Dad cover and LP

The little guy is hoping to make Christmas extra special for his parents so he attempts to help with things like decorating Christmas cookies, but he couldn’t stop tasting them; wrap presents for them, but the tape was too sticky; and even go to sleep right away on Christmas Eve, but he was too excited. It is an adorable and silly look at the childhood “helpfulness” and chock full of tenderhearted sweetness and Christmas anticipation. Read the full post…