Before we look at today’s book, dear readers, you must do something. If you have seen the 2004 movie, The Polar Express, I need you to forget it. Erase it from your mind completely. Whether you liked the movie or not, you must pretend that you never saw it. This is very important for you to experience the real story, the book that is, which is quite different and ever so much more wonderful than the odd movie version. Forget it all.

Ok, now let’s talk about our book for day 19, The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg. This book was created in 1985 and it is magical. Yes, truly magical.


It all begins in a little boy’s bedroom as he waits quietly and listens. The sound he is hoping to hear is one that his friend told him doesn’t exist, the sound of bells from Santa’s sleigh. He wanted his friend to be wrong, so he strains to listen. And he does hear a sound, but it isn’t bells. It is the sound of hissing steam and squeaking metal… the Polar Express.

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