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25 Days – Book 5: Presents Through the Window

Day 5 of our Christmas countdown is a surprise appearance from Santa in a helicopter. Originally published in Japan in 1983, this book was joyfully translated last year. It’s a hilarious story about Santa, windows, animals, and mixed-up gifts. Check out Presents Through the Window by Taro Gomi, 2016.

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Book Review: Old MacDonald Had A Truck By Goetz & Kaban

Excuse the interruption in the Christmas picture books countdown, but I have SO MANY BOOKS to share and I just can’t seem to fit them all in. As I was thinking about some that I’m still bummed I haven’t featured yet, I realized that I should at least share a few that I consider excellent gifts! So pull out those gift lists and let me help with some ideas.

First up, a book we have given several times and I recommend all the time. A brilliant twist on the classic song, add this one to your gift-giving list: Old MacDonald Had A Truck by Steve Goetz, illustrated by Eda Kaban, 2016. Read the full post…

Let’s Read Three: Robin Books!


Spring has apparently squashed my life, or at least my blogging ability. But, I am attempting to resurface with this silly trio about a little creature that has captured our attention the most this spring. Robins were one of the first things we noticed as spring hinted its arrival and they became a very delightful sight for my girls to point out every time one crossed our path in the busy city. They are such friendly birds with their bright orange tummies and spirited hopping about. Robins won’t let you ignore spring and all the changes it signals. So let’s read three books about robins! Read the full post…

Wordless Wednesday: Pool By JiHyeon Lee

Pool 1

Pardon that short and unexpected two week break from my Wednesday series. I have no good excuse except parental exhaustion. But I am back for another Wordless Wednesday post. I received this book early this summer from Chronicle Books as review potential. While pool season is over in most of the U.S., I still find myself diving into this book as often as possible. I find it entrancing, imaginative, soothing, and a pleasure to indulge, especially on days when I just need a deep breath and a break.

I sadly could not secure an interview with its creator as it is an import from South Korea, but I hope you’ll indulge a small review of it nonetheless. Allow me to share Pool by JiHyeon Lee, 2015 (U.S. printing by Chronicle Books). Read the full post…

Wordless Wednesday: Flora And The Flamingo & Interview With Molly Idle!

Flora cover

Hello again to another Wordless Wednesday. In addition to having a beautiful book to discuss today, I have a short interview with the author and illustrator, Molly Idle! A breathtaking wordless book is such an artistic feat, who would know more about them than the artist herself!

Let’s take a quick look at the book to introduce it to any who may have missed it and refresh those of us who love it. And then we’ll get to the good stuff in a short Q&A. Here is Flora and the Flamingo by Molly Idle, 2013. Read the full post…

Book Review: Beach House By Caswell & Bates

BeachHouse 1

The summer is quickly coming to a close as Labor Day approaches, the sun is setting earlier each evening, and schools are awakening with the sounds of children. I know some schools in the U.S. have already begun, for weeks even! But here in the Northeast it seems the majority don’t bid farewell to summer until after Labor Day. This weekend is the last hurrah for the summery adventures.

And this brings to mind a few last beach books to soak up as much sun, swimming, and sand castle building as possible before the chilly weather starts to beckon. One of my favorite new beach books from the summer is this one, which made its debut at the beginning of the summer from Chronicle Books. Written poetically, in a way that almost feels like a sweet favorites list from the beach, this book will have you longing, loving, and reminiscing about long days on the beach. Here is Beach House by Deanna Caswell, illustrated by Amy June Bates, 2015. Read the full post…

Let’s Read Three: Books About The Sea!


Summer is in full swing here and it is hot. So hot, that most people have fled to the beach to take refuge in the cool water, shady umbrellas, and chilled beverages. My August does not hold such plans, so instead I think it appropriate to read about such sea escapees. It’s time for another in the Let’s Read Three series. Join me as we see three beloved characters take to the sea for lovely vacation adventures. Let’s read three sea books! Read the full post…

Book Review: The Bear’s Song By Benjamin Chaud

The Bear's Song cover

Happy New Year everyone! December was such a crazy month. I’m so glad I did another year of 25 Days of Christmas books and the Cybils round 1 panelist job was a blast but incredibly exhausting leading right up into the holiday. Thanks for being patient with my bit of an extended break. I hope you’ll come back and read with me again! I am now ready for a new year of reviews and lists and other fun book blogging ideas my brain is sorting through.

To start off the new year, I cannot wait to share this book with you. Did you see the list of Cybils finalists revealed last week? Our fiction crew had such a hard time narrowing it down to our seven choices; but this one made the list and I fought hard for it too! I cannot wait to see what the final Cybils choices are; but in the meantime, allow me to convince you of this book’s beauty as well. This is The Bear’s Song by Benjamin Chaud, 2013. Read the full post…

Book Review: Little Red Writing By Joan Holub & Melissa Sweet

HolubSweet 1

Confession: I have a very slight obsession with the story of “Little Red Riding Hood.” I know I am not alone in this as I continually find book after book that reillustrates, adapts, or references this famous tale. My collection of said adaptations is slowly growing and I hope to feature more of them now that my penchant toward collecting them is out in the open. I would not have planned my first “little red” review to be what I’m about to share, but I am extra super excited to start off the reviews for the “little red riding hood” tag here with an extremely clever, bizarrely concocted version such as this beauty coming out this fall. That’s right, I’ve got a sneak preview for you! Thanks to some new friends at Chronicle Books, I received this lovely book in the mail last week with hopes that I would like it and want to show it off. Yes and yes! Now it would not have been hard for someone to do their research and see that I am a fan of anything Melissa Sweet creates; but how they knew about my soft spot for this particular tale, I can only wonder. Well played Chronicle.

Without further ado, allow me to present this marvelous adaptation of a much beloved fairytale. Here is Little Red Writing by Joan Holub, pictures by Melissa Sweet, coming October 2013. Read the full post…