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25 Days – Book 5: Counting Christmas


For day 5 I bring an adorable little board book from Karen Katz. Chances are, if you have a little one, you are familiar with the round-faced, brightly colored, energetic books from Karen Katz. They are engaging, delightful, and perfect for the Christmas spirit. Here is Counting Christmas by Karen Katz, 2003.

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Let’s Read Three: Search Books!


The long, cold winter days are starting to wear thin around here. Now is when I start grabbing for books that ask more from the reader. I’m calling this grouping “Search Books,” but perhaps that title is a bit lacking still. Each of these are descended in some form from the Where’s Waldo genre of books; but I love these more because they carry a solid storyline as well. You don’t have to search when you read them, but they are exponentially more fun if you do. Grab your magnifying glasses and let’s read three books that make you search!

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Book Review: Anno’s Counting House By Mitsumasa Anno

Anno 1

Hello friends! My apologies at the lack of posting due to sickness, family visits, and an American holiday weekend. I hope your days were lovely and I’m itching to get back to sharing some favorite picture books. Today’s book is a bit different, but it has made quite an impression on my illustration heart and I need to share it in the hopes that someone else comes to love it too. A wordless book, with the exception of a note to readers in the front and a note to parents and others in the back, this is a unique book about counting, math, details and observation. Let’s hope I do it some justice in my explanations. Here is Anno’s Counting House by Mitsumasa Anno, 1982. Read the full post…

Book Review: Richard Scarry’s Best Counting Book Ever

Scarry 1

Today’s book is a lovely, giant counting book from the ever-amazing and lovable Richard Scarry. This beauty is from 1975 and is not your average counting book. Mr. Scarry believed in taking counting to the next level as we count along with the BusyTown gang not just from one to ten, but all the way to one hundred. Here is Richard Scarry’s Best Counting Book Ever, 1975. Read the full post…