Let’s Read Three: Father’s Day books!


This week has felt very focused on dads, even more so than usual thanks to Father’s Day this Sunday, and my husband being out of town all week. I’m starting to think he planned it that way as my girls have been talking about Daddy non-stop and we all cannot wait for his arrival. Unfortunately though, single parenting for the week has made any hopes of fun Father’s Day gifts go completely out the window. Survival first; celebration planning second. But, I did what I always tend to do when celebrating or thinking about something specific… we read Dad-themed books. And of course reading several books in succession made me think, I need to post those as a Let’s Read Three series! So, lucky you, I’ve got not one – but two posts forthcoming all about dads.

Now, my favorite Dad picture book of all time will always be The Daddy Book which you can see in all of its glory on my review post a couple of years back. And we also love any Little Bear story about Father Bear. But for this grouping I grabbed some classics. These are most likely on a lot of people’s favorite lists considering the Golden Book legacy and the illustrators involved, so I’m calling them great classics. Let’s Read Three (classic) books about fathers! Read the full post…

Book Review: The Daddy Book By Robert Stewart & Don Madden

Daddy 1

In honor of Father’s Day – which in my head was supposed to be this coming Sunday but in reality was actually last Sunday – I bring an awesome, glorious, 70s style book to celebrate those special men in our lives who bear the name of “Dad.” Written in an informative yet simple way, this book discusses all the things that make a dad: his clothes, hair, stature, hobbies, job and more. And it is decked out with fantastic Madden illustrations. Prepare to be delighted by The Daddy Book by Robert Stewart, pictures by Don Madden, 1972. Read the full post…