Review: My Big Dumb Invisible Dragon By Lucas & Sif

How do you talk to a kid about losing someone? How do you explain what it feels like to grieve? I’m relieved to say: there’s a book for that. This beautiful, heart-wrenching, clever, thoughtful book is an excellent handling of grief for children, but really for adults too. Grab a few tissues and take a look at My Big Dumb Invisible Dragon by Angie Lucas, illustrated by Birgitta Sif, 2019.

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Let’s Read Three: Picture Books About Death


I really struggled with what to call this book grouping, debating between using the word “death” or “loss.” And two of these books could actually be questionable about if the missing character actually died or just left, which potentially makes them even more useful. But when speaking to children about tough topics, semantics can cause more issues because of the literal nature and word associations due to age. Saying someone is “lost” or “gone away” or any of those terms just didn’t cut it for me and always confuses my daughter when the topic of death has come up. So, Picture Books About Death it is.

This is a sad group, I agree, but I hope you’ll stick with me because these books are beautiful, and necessary. You will most likely need one of these at some point in your or a child you know’s life. Two of these are new, joining an interesting flow of children’s literature about death more recently. The other book is one of my favorites from Oliver Jeffers that has just the right amount of mystery and heart to it. Grab a few tissues, just in case, and let’s read three picture books about the death of a loved one. Read the full post…