Book Review: Strictly No Elephants By Mantchev & Yoo

StrictlyNoElephants 1

Our library checkout pile is out of control. This isn’t entirely unusual for me, but this time around most of it can be blamed on the school reading list for the summer. We have pretty much finished it up, but we are hesitant to send the books back until necessary as we love a lot of them. If I had the money and the shelf space, oh it would be trouble. Thank goodness for libraries!

Today’s book was a huge hit for all of us on the first read-through. A story about being left out, being different, and ultimately – a story about being kind. It is a theme that is on constant repeat from my mouth as a mother and I adore books that illustrate the point so perfectly. Check out this beautiful and moving book, Strictly No Elephants by Lisa Mantchev, illustrated by Taeeun Yoo, 2015. Read the full post…

25 Days – Book 10: Little Elephant’s Christmas


December 10th already. This month is flying by so fast, and Christmas will be here so soon! I found this book just a couple months ago and though it is very dated, I dearly love it. The long narrative, the limited color palette, the darling elephant characters – all of it combines into a surprisingly captivating and endearing story about an elephant family’s celebration of Christmas. Take a look at Little Elephant’s Christmas by Heluiz Washburne*, illustrated by Jean McConnell*, 1938.

25DaysDay10LittleElephants 1 Read the full post…