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Review: Noodlephant By Kramer & Steele

Oh. How do I even begin to explain the clever, fantastic, intense work of art that is the storytelling in this book? I have been wanting to share it for so long and I am so excited to present it as this Friday feature in this food picture book week.

A story about an elephant, obsessed with noodles and community, who takes on the town’s bossy kangaroos and their unjust noodle laws. Come learn from the puns and pasta that make up Noodlephant by Jacob Kramer and K-Fai Steele, 2019.

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Review: Fry Bread By Maillard & Martinez-Neal

Today’s food picture book is a “Native American Family Story.” It is a powerful and poetic book about fry bread – a food full of shape, flavor, art, family, diversity, history and tradition. Take a look at Fry Bread by Kevin Noble Maillard, illustrated by Juana Martinez-Neal, 2019.

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Review: Freedom Soup By Charles & Alcántara

Next up in our week of food picture books is a fantastic story about a little girl and her grandmother making a holiday feast of traditional soup and sharing in the cooking as well as the history of their family and their Haiti. Dance along to the lyrical tale of Freedom Soup by Tami Charles, illustrated by Jacqueline Alcántara, 2019.

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Review: Magic Ramen By Wang & Urbanowicz

There has been an interesting theme in some of my recent favorite picture books: food! We have a handful from the library currently and are just adoring them. And bonus, several of them include recipes too! So this week, I’m going to take some time to review our favorites (and hopefully we’ll try the recipes too!)

First up today is a book for noodle lovers! This is the story of Momofuku Ando who persistently experimented for over a year to invent instant ramen. Grab a bowl of delicious noodles and take a look at Magic Ramen by Andrea Wang, illustrated by Kana Urbanowicz, 2019.

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