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Book Trailer: The Right Word by Bryant and Sweet

Another lovely book trailer for a gorgeous book just released from Eerdmans. Jen Bryant and Melissa Sweet have teamed up for a stunning creation about Peter Roget and his Thesaurus. I recently saw an original piece of art by Melissa Sweet for this at Society of Illustrators and it blew my mind. Her collage illustrations are unparalleled. Check it out! The Right Word: Roget and His Thesaurus, 2014.

Book Review: Toot & Puddle You Are My Sunshine By Holly Hobbie

Sometimes a bad mood finds you. It is hard to explain, but the day just doesn’t feel right and finding a smile is incredibly difficult. This happens to everyone, but adults are usually better at realizing it, understanding it, and working it out. For children, moods and emotions are tough to master. This is where books like Toot & Puddle You Are My Sunshine come in. This book is part of a series about two pigs named Toot and Puddle by author/illustrator Holly Hobbie. Read the full post…