25 Days – Book 24: Marguerite’s Christmas


I have saved a very lovely and exciting new book for this Christmas Eve post. I spied this one a few months back at a book conference and have been waiting to finally have a chance to see and review it. Originally printed in Canada in 2013, this book has finally made its way to the U.S. thanks to the wonderful Enchanted Lion Books. It is a unique, endearing, slightly bizarre story about an elderly woman spending Christmas Eve in her home. Here is Marguerite’s Christmas by India Desjardins, illustrated by Pascal Blanchet, 2015.

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25 Days – Book 9: Merry Christmas, Ernest and Celestine

25 Christmas Banner 2014

Our book for today’s picture book countdown is older and occasionally difficult to find. My treasured book is an ex-library copy with a sad missing jacket cover. The dull gray binding is hiding great beauty beneath, so I will share two spreads in this somewhat quick post. Here is Merry Christmas, Ernest and Celestine by Gabrielle Vincent, 1983.

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Book Trailer: As Férias Do Pequeno Urso

Yesterday’s review highlighted one of my favorites from last year’s publications and near the end I linked to this trailer that appears to be a follow-up to the story, As Férias Do Pequeno Urso, or at least contains the same adorable characters of Papa Bear and Little Bear from The Bear’s Song by Benjamin Chaud. The trailer makes me too excited to keep it buried, so here it is for your viewing pleasure in case you didn’t click through to it yesterday!

Book Review: The Bear’s Song By Benjamin Chaud

The Bear's Song cover

Happy New Year everyone! December was such a crazy month. I’m so glad I did another year of 25 Days of Christmas books and the Cybils round 1 panelist job was a blast but incredibly exhausting leading right up into the holiday. Thanks for being patient with my bit of an extended break. I hope you’ll come back and read with me again! I am now ready for a new year of reviews and lists and other fun book blogging ideas my brain is sorting through.

To start off the new year, I cannot wait to share this book with you. Did you see the list of Cybils finalists revealed last week? Our fiction crew had such a hard time narrowing it down to our seven choices; but this one made the list and I fought hard for it too! I cannot wait to see what the final Cybils choices are; but in the meantime, allow me to convince you of this book’s beauty as well. This is The Bear’s Song by Benjamin Chaud, 2013. Read the full post…

Book Review: For Just One Day By Leuck & Boutavant

OneDay 1

Some days are just rough. Like when it is pouring rain at an inopportune time, or you are having an unfortunately bad hair day, or your stature and looks just aren’t helping you socially. Thankfully, there are books like this one that are perfect for every day, and especially that not so great day. Not only should the bright yellow cover bring a smile to your face; but the clever animals, wildly imaginative moments and popping colors will leave you feeling just a little bit better about the world and yourself. Come along and see what it would be like to be all sorts of animals and insects For Just One Day by Laura Leuck, illustrated by Marc Boutavant, 2009. Read the full post…

Book Review: How To Paint The Portrait Of A Bird By Prévert & Gerstein

GersteinBird 1

There is a famous quote, attributed to C. S. Lewis, that I am frequently encountering: “A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.” I love that this quote exists and I enjoy so many people befriending it, but I don’t often see people taking it seriously when it comes to picture books. There are gobs of picture books pummeling the market regularly and as I frequently hint about, I don’t think they all deserve to be there. I do admit that some picture books are great even though they are perfectly geared only for a tiny child. I can appreciate them for what they are intended. But I deeply treasure the books that I can share that are wholly personal to the creator and speak on all kinds of levels to people of different ages.

Today I offer a look at one of those pieces of beautiful art. A French poem translated and illustrated in a way that ponders creativity, art, waiting, and wonder. It is a book that requests and deserves many reads and I feel the reader always leaves with a new discovery. Allow me to show you How to Paint the Portrait of a Bird by Jacques Prévert, illustrated and translated by Mordicai Gerstein, 2007. Read the full post…