Jon Agee

Book Review: The Wall In The Middle Of The Book By Agee

Today I wrestle with how to share a brilliantly clever, marvelously illustrated book. It is a story, quite simply, about walls. It is a surprising story, a hilarious story, a fun and thought-provoking story. Don’t miss this one. It is worth reading, talking about with everyone, and reading aloud to anyone: The Wall in the Middle of the Book by Jon Agee, 2018.

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25 Days – Book 11: Little Santa


Our book for today is a simple, silly, entertaining look at the big guy in red, when he was just a little guy in red. Here is a tale about the youngest of the Clauses and how he accumulated special reindeer, met those handy little elves, saved his family from a blizzard, and eventually didn’t migrate to Florida with the rest of his warm weathered loved ones. This is Jon Agee entertainment called Little Santa, 2013.

Little Santa by Jon Agee

The story begins with Mr. and Mrs. Claus unhappily living at the North Pole with their seven children. They hate the rough, wintery life and all determine to move to the sunny state of Florida. All except for the youngest, little Santa. He loves everything about the North Pole and is miserable about leaving. Read the full post…