Five more days until Christmas. The last few days before Christmas always have a soft twinge of anticipation about them. There is something special in the air even amidst bad weather, or last minute shopping, and all of the stressful preparations we put on ourselves. That childhood anticipation just doesn’t seem to ever go away thankfully. Touching on that feeling, comes a story with elegant poetic writing and breathtakingly saturated images about Santa awaiting and preparing for the magical moment around Christmas to arrive. It is The Christmas Magic by Lauren Thompson, pictures by Jon J. Muth, 2009.

The Christmas Magic cover

Way up north, where the reindeer roam the story tells of a snug little house in which Santa Claus lives. As the holiday season approaches, Santa feels a tingling in his beard and he begins his Christmas preparation for soon, he knows, the Christmas magic will be here. He rounds up the reindeer, polishes his clothes and the big red sleigh, and carefully checks every toy and pairs it with just the right name. All is ready and he awaits the moment the magic arrives, the kind of magic that makes reindeer fly. Read the full post…