Jonathan Bean

Book Review: Big Snow By Jonathan Bean

Big Snow cover

Waiting is a tricky part of life and especially childhood. There are so many exciting things that occur but almost all of them come with a waiting period: birthdays, Christmas, first day of school, a trip somewhere, and even a snowstorm! I’ve been longing to write about this book ever since it crossed my path during the Cybils evaluations and today seems like the perfect day. The forecast called for snow today, but most of us here in the South tend to just roll our eyes and not dare hold our breath. We did get a spit of snow, but it melted faster than it came. But, that waiting to see if the forecast would hold true, that is the essence of this book. Here is Big Snow by Jonathan Bean, 2013.

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Book Review: Building Our House By Jonathan Bean

BuildingHouse 1

Seems like forever since I have done a book review, but this one has maintained a steady spot at the top of my favorites pile since I began this Cybils craziness. I readily admit, that I didn’t give it much thought when I heard and saw it coming out earlier this year, and now I’m making up for lost time. This is a sweet book about a little girl’s family working together to build their dream home and all the time and effort and love that makes up those walls. Here is Building Our House by Jonathan Bean, 2013. Read the full post…

Children’s Picture Books For Fall, 2013


Happy fall everyone! This is my absolute favorite time of year and calls for a celebration. You know my version of a good time always involves picture books so I’ve rounded up some fall-themed books to welcome the special season. Most are old and one is brand new so hopefully you’ll find some new favorites. There are a couple other new books that I haven’t gotten my hands on yet, so they’ll be getting some love in their own posts hopefully very soon. Come along and bask in the glories of autumn with ten children’s picture books for fall. Read the full post…