25 Days – Book 25: Paul Writes (A Letter)

It is December 30 and I’m squeaking in my last of the 25 New Favorite Picture Books. Another new one from 2018, this is an interesting book to end the year on, but I love it for many different reasons. A book about the Apostle Paul and the many letters he wrote for the New Testament which, as the book claims, changed the world. Take a look at Paul Writes (a letter) by Chris Raschka, 2018.

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25 Days – Book 8: Santa Calls

Today’s book is by the spectacular author/illustrator William Joyce. Santa Calls is about the Christmas of 1908 and the adventures of a young boy; his friend, Spaulding; and his little sister, Esther.

It is a high-flying, daredevil adventure with dark elves, an evil queen, licorice weapons, and much more. But the real heart of the story is sibling love. Read the full post…