Lillian Hoban

25 Days—Book 21: The Mole Family’s Christmas

Five more books to go! Today’s story is a vintage tale from 1969 by the Hobans, The Mole Family’s Christmas.


A fine classic of a tale, this story is about a family of hard-working moles whose son, Delver, inadvertently learns about Christmas and a fat man in a red suit who visits those with chimneys. In the process, he also learns of the existence of stars, which nearsighted moles are not able to see, and about telescopes which enable better viewing of said stars. With a new longing to see the stars singing with their glimmering and shining, Delver decides to write to the man in red, chance being caught by the old owl, and make a chimney for the mole home in hopes of receiving a telescope. Read the full post…