Big Illustration News

Pardon the post interruption—I have some big news. I have recently signed to illustrate my first picture book!


I am so thrilled and honored to get this project! It is written by Shelley Kinder and due to arrive September of 2017 with Clear Fork Publishing. I’ve got a lot of work set out before me, so bear with me as posts will likely be even more intermittent than usual. Thanks for your support and encouragement as I work towards this goal! If you miss me and want to see what I’m working on in my sketchbook, check out

Stay tuned for a revised version of my yearly picture book Christmas countdown!

A Reading Announcement – Caryn’s Bookshelf

Caryns Bookshelf Tumblr

Pardon the interruption from my normally scheduled picture book posting, but I have an announcement to make: I read a lot of books. I know, shocking. But actually the announcement has to do with my new method of keeping track of all the other books I’m reading and loving and dying to share. Three Books a Night is devoted to sharing picture books and I want it to stay that way, but I love all kinds of books and love to talk about them too. So, if you are interested in seeing what other books I may be cramming onto my bookshelf, check out my new tumblr: Caryn’s Bookshelf.

I plan on keeping it to a photo or two of the book and a short recap of my thoughts, the plot or some random note about the book. These books will most likely be young adult literature, as that is what I treasure the most in my pleasure reading, but I may feature some of the adult books that capture my attention too. If you are so inclined, pop over there occasionally and strike up a conversation about the latest Newbery potential book, memoir, graphic novel, or whatever else is gracing my side table at the moment! There is also a handy little link in my sidebar to the right which will display the latest book I’ve added.

Hope to see you there and hear about what else you are reading!

Friday Links – September 14, 2012

a beautiful sign for storytime by my talented husband

And another week has passed with Three Books A Night. Thanks for reading! My apologies for the odd posting schedule this week. Will be back to normal next week hopefully. And stay tuned for September 22’s storytime pick. For now, I send you into the weekend with a few book links from around the web: Read the full post…

Friday Book Links – September 7, 2012

the fruits of my Labor Day used bookstore shopping

I hope the Labor Day holiday treated all my North American readers well. Thanks for reading along another week! Here are the Friday links from this week’s exciting book-related news: Read the full post…

Friday Book Links – August 31, 2012

It’s been a busy first week here at Three Books a Night. Hopefully it has given you a taste of what to expect, even as I tweak and figure things out myself. Sending you into the holiday weekend with some fun links about books coming out and other book-related news: Read the full post…