Philip C. Stead

Children’s Picture Books For Fall, 2013


Happy fall everyone! This is my absolute favorite time of year and calls for a celebration. You know my version of a good time always involves picture books so I’ve rounded up some fall-themed books to welcome the special season. Most are old and one is brand new so hopefully you’ll find some new favorites. There are a couple other new books that I haven’t gotten my hands on yet, so they’ll be getting some love in their own posts hopefully very soon. Come along and bask in the glories of autumn with ten children’s picture books for fall. Read the full post…

Let’s Read Three: Children’s Picture Books For Sick Days


There’s really nothing quite like a good book when you are under the weather. We’re battling the sniffles over here and a pile of books makes the perfect cuddle companions as we sniff our way through the day. It’s natural inspiration for combo number two in my Let’s Read Three series: three picture books to read aloud and lighten up those crummy sick days.


It’s a nice feeling to commiserate with someone else under the weather and these three offer some tenderness, a bit of laughter and absurdity, and some great friends to lean on. Read the full post…