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25 Days – Book 11: The Night Before Christmas Illustrated by Duvoisin


Day 11 of our Advent countdown and it is time to add another book to “The Night Before Christmas” tag. I just cannot resist. And honestly, no offense Mr. Moore, but it isn’t because of the poem. Yes, I appreciate the lovely wording and beautiful imagery he penned; but most fascinating to me in each of these many duplicate-named books is the interpretation by the different illustrators. I especially love when a well-known and beloved illustrator takes their turn with the text. So let’s take a look at the gorgeous, classic, and recently reissued version of that famous poem, The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore, illustrated by Roger Duvoisin, 1954.

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Children’s Picture Books For Easter, 2013


No matter how spring is treating you in your part of the world (we have snow here!), hopefully you are looking forward to the arrival of Sunday and its special spring holiday, Easter! To help you prepare and celebrate I have compiled a handful of books, well sixteen actually, that range in topics but all relate in some form to this flowery event. Easter is a holiday with lots of themes, all of which are special and beautiful to read about. I had a lot of fun tracking down an assortment of books, so there are some serious, lots of silly, a couple Christian, and a plethora of bunnies, chicks, eggs and even Santa Claus! Here are sixteen children’s picture books for Easter (beware, it’s long!). Read the full post…

Children’s Picture Books For Winter, 2013


Post holiday season is always a little gloomy, especially with the gray weather and cold. But never fear! I have a list of 10 lovely wintery books just perfect for snuggling up and celebrating the brisk season. Read the full post…

Roger Duvoisin quote

“There’s a child in every adult, and when that child dies, it’s a death for the adult too. So I do these books for my own pleasure as much as for the children’s pleasure. LouLou and I write for the children we were.”

— Roger Duvoisin

Book Review: Petunia By Roger Duvoisin

Considering I’ve mentioned this book three times here already, it is appropriate that it is my first “official” book review. Petunia by Roger Duvoisin (pronounced “dyoo-vwah-zah”) was written in 1950 and was Duvoisin’s 14th book as far as I can tell. His career as an author and illustrator is immense. By my count, he wrote and illustrated 42 books and illustrated around 127 by other authors. His first book, A Little Boy Was Drawing, was published in 1932 and didn’t receive much attention. But thankfully, a kind editor encouraged him to continue and we now have a myriad of brilliant books to cherish. He received the Caldecott medal in 1948 for White Snow, Bright Snow and the Caldecott Honor in 1966 for Hide and Seek Fog both of which were written by Alvin Tresselt. Read the full post…