25 Days – Book 8: Mabel and Sam at Home

What better book gift than a short adventure collection about the wonders of the high seas, rare treasures on display in a museum, and bold exploration of space by two imaginative siblings? This book has it all thanks to Mabel and Sam who cope with the dangers and chaos of moving into a new house by donning their adventurous spirit and huge imaginations. Join Mabel and Sam at Home: One Brave Journey in Three Adventures by Linda Urban, illustrated by Hadley Hooper, 2018.

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Let’s Read Three: Chicken Picture Books!


I have a slightly odd book-pairing today. All three of these books are so lovely and quite enjoyable that I just had to make a grouping, despite the subject being a bit peculiar. Everybody loves to read about chickens, right? The backyard chicken movement seems to be slowing down in popularity news-wise, but I know many who have awesome egg-laying friends pecking around their yards. And chickens make great picture book characters. Their shape and strut give tons of illustration inspiration and they all seem to sport some great attitude. Let’s read three picture books about chickens!


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Book Review: The Baby Tree By Sophie Blackall (And A Giveaway!)

BabyTree 1

Our house is obviously a bit baby crazy right now. Given our recent penchant towards new baby and big sister books, I was ecstatic to get my hands on a brand new book written and illustrated by the amazing illustrator, Sophie Blackall. I have admired her style for some time now and especially her unique perspective and twist to the work she does. Her newest book is both humorous and adorable. Abounding with cute babies, the story follows a little boy who, upon hearing about his sibling’s impending arrival, is determined to find out where babies come from. It is a classic question – parodied, joked about, and dreaded often – yet Ms. Blackall handles it with gentility, humor, and not even a hint of embarrassment. Be delighted in The Baby Tree by Sophie Blackall, May 1, 2014. Read the full post…

Picture Books For Big Siblings With A New Baby


It should come as no surprise to anyone that the number one way we prepared for a new baby in our house is with books. Yes, I skimmed a few birthing books, nursing and sleep habits books; but ultimately the books we treasured and pored over were new baby and big sister picture books (not to mention an incredible amount of New York City books, but that’s another list altogether). And I have to say, I really think it paid off. There is a lot of big sibling love in this house and very little, if any, jealousy which is the complete opposite of all the unsolicited advice we received. I carefully chose the books we’ve added, making sure they were positive and humorous and gave the air of excited anticipation. It is all about expectations, I think.

In no way is this list comprehensive of the best sibling books or new baby books ever. And in fact, this list is very biased towards big sisters and little sisters because well, that is what we are dealing with here. Also, most of these are older books, a few classic you could say, but all worth your time and effort to find if you are looking for some sweet sibling love books to share. So here are my 8 picture books for big siblings and their new babies. Read the full post…

Book Review: Edwin Speaks Up By April Stevens & Sophie Blackall

Edwin 1

Perhaps it is because my own little one just turned a year old and we have fully entered the babbling-almost-words phase, but something about this book just tickles my fancy. I had never heard of this one before, but the name Sophie Blackall is enough to make me pick up just about anything and give it a try. And what’s not to love about that sweet little guy in a striped one-piece on the cover? This book is a surprisingly calm but clever story about an absent-minded mother and her crazy ferret brood’s trip to the grocery store that is saved from being completely disastrous by the unassuming sharp eye of the tiniest member of the family. Here is Edwin Speaks Up by April Stevens, illustrated by Sophie Blackall, 2011. Read the full post…

25 Days – Book 8: Santa Calls

Today’s book is by the spectacular author/illustrator William Joyce. Santa Calls is about the Christmas of 1908 and the adventures of a young boy; his friend, Spaulding; and his little sister, Esther.

It is a high-flying, daredevil adventure with dark elves, an evil queen, licorice weapons, and much more. But the real heart of the story is sibling love. Read the full post…