25 Days – Book 11: Sylvia Long’s Big Book for Small Children

Today’s book is a big book. It’s called that actually. It is thick, full of childhood rhymes, and poems, and stories, and recipes, and everyday things. It is the perfect storybook for little children. A lovely collection of nursery rhymes, even if you already have too many on your shelves. (Is there such a thing as too many books of any kind?) I was so pleasantly delighted by this storybook, and it is a wonderful gift for any small child in your life. Take a peek at Sylvia Long’s Big Book for Small Children, 2018.

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25 Days – Book 8: Mabel and Sam at Home

What better book gift than a short adventure collection about the wonders of the high seas, rare treasures on display in a museum, and bold exploration of space by two imaginative siblings? This book has it all thanks to Mabel and Sam who cope with the dangers and chaos of moving into a new house by donning their adventurous spirit and huge imaginations. Join Mabel and Sam at Home: One Brave Journey in Three Adventures by Linda Urban, illustrated by Hadley Hooper, 2018.

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25 Days – Book 10: My Christmas Treasury

25 Christmas Banner 2014

Here we are, ten days into our Christmas book countdown. Today’s book is from the 40s, but I finally acquired this copy just last week! I have been searching for this book for over a year, purely based on a few illustrations I’ve seen circulating on the internet. I have to say that I am not disappointed. This is a beauty. A collection of Christmas stories, poems and songs in A Big Golden Book, take a peek at My Christmas Treasury with pictures by Lowell Hess, 1947.

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