Twelve Days of Christmas books

25 Days – Book 15: The 12 Days Of Christmas (Pizzoli)

Day 15 brings us a brand new book from a favorite picture book creator. You can never have too many counting books and at Christmas, a counting book is most likely in the form of this carol. This carol can be annoying. Really annoying when it gets stuck in your head. And if you really think about what the carol is talking about, what’s happening can actually be perceived as annoying too. Enter Greg Pizzoli and his hilarious animals with their simple exaggerated expressions. This book arrived just in time for the 2017 Christmas season and is here for your enjoyment today. Check out (and then go buy) The 12 Days of Christmas by Greg Pizzoli, 2017.

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25 Days – Book 5: The Twelve Days of Christmas


On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love for books brings another marvelous Twelve Days of Christmas rendition. As I’ve never cared for the song, and I still don’t fully understand it, I love this book because of the illustrator, of course. Hilary Knight, the fabulous co-creator of the well-known Eloise, has given another new backdrop to that famous old song. This time it is about a bear, her true love and her immense creativity with all those gifts he bestows upon her. Become enamored with Hilary Knight’s The Twelve Days of Christmas, 1980.


Benjamin Bear has it bad for the lovely Bedelia and is a true gift giver that insists on continually showing his affection with an overwhelming amount of holiday items. Bedelia seems to be a kind and gracious girlfriend who takes it all in stride and uses her craftiness and creativity to turn the gifts into a special event for all their friends, and her beloved Benjamin as well. Read the full post…

25 Days — Book 25: Twelve Days of Christmas

And so begins the Twelve Days of Christmas. And for our last book, I bring a little bit of silliness. I know the true spirit of Christmas is reflective and joyous; all wrapped up in a tiny baby. But there is always room for cleverness and laughter! So for our last book, we have a fantastic creation from the ever amazing Jack Kent. Published in 1973, this book brought a new perspective and appreciation for a traditional song that I have always loathed. This is Jack Kent’s Twelve Days of Christmas.


I’m sure everyone is familiar with that incredibly repetitive song starting with a partridge in a pear tree; and here Jack Kent takes a literal interpretation with a young lad giving his true love larger and larger gifts each day of the Christmas season. Read the full post…