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Let’s Read Three: Father’s Day books!


This week has felt very focused on dads, even more so than usual thanks to Father’s Day this Sunday, and my husband being out of town all week. I’m starting to think he planned it that way as my girls have been talking about Daddy non-stop and we all cannot wait for his arrival. Unfortunately though, single parenting for the week has made any hopes of fun Father’s Day gifts go completely out the window. Survival first; celebration planning second. But, I did what I always tend to do when celebrating or thinking about something specific… we read Dad-themed books. And of course reading several books in succession made me think, I need to post those as a Let’s Read Three series! So, lucky you, I’ve got not one – but two posts forthcoming all about dads.

Now, my favorite Dad picture book of all time will always be The Daddy Book which you can see in all of its glory on my review post a couple of years back. And we also love any Little Bear story about Father Bear. But for this grouping I grabbed some classics. These are most likely on a lot of people’s favorite lists considering the Golden Book legacy and the illustrators involved, so I’m calling them great classics. Let’s Read Three (classic) books about fathers! Read the full post…

25 Days – Book 3: The Animals’ Merry Christmas


Day 3 of our Advent countdown brings a vintage book that I eagerly sought out this year. It is actually a Little Golden Book with six short stories about Christmas. And best of all, Richard Scarry did the illustrations! Allow me to share a bit of The Animals’ Merry Christmas by Kathryn B. Jackson, pictures by Richard Scarry, 1958.

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Let’s Read Three: More Books About The Sea!


I promise these are my last summery, beachy books for a while. I really can’t wait to jump into a bunch of new finds and especially fall books! But these three deserve some love, especially as two are brand-new this year. Join me in reading a few more books about adventures at the beach. Let’s read three more sea books!

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Let’s Read Three: Birthday Books!


April is a crazy fun birthday month for us nowadays. Both my daughters were born in April so this month has proven to be particularly festive. What a perfect occasion for a book grouping and I am particularly fond of these three. The first is newer and by a current illustrator obsession of mine, the second is one of our oldest’s very favorite books and was also one of my husband’s favorite childhood books, and the third was one of my favorite childhood books. I love when books stay around like that. We tend to think books are a part of our lives, but sometimes, we are just a part of theirs!

Come join the party and read three books celebrating birthdays! Read the full post…

Let’s Read Three: Snow Books!


It seems that Winter Storm Juno was not as bad as predicted, at least here in NYC; but we do have a lot of snow! And of course, snow means snow days, and snow days mean playing in the snow. And when we are done freezing in the snow, we warm up with cocoa and books about snow of course! I have written about many wintery, snowy books in the past including my winter list from 2013 and one of my new favorite snow books by Jonathan Bean from last year. But today, for this Let’s Read Three series, I bring three vintage books about the anticipation, excitement, and joy of snow.


An added bonus in each of these, that I didn’t originally intend, is that they all feature sledding! The third book, I am of course cheating a bit as I only intend to feature the first story, “Down the Hill.” But it counts as a story, and is just the right length for a cozy reading with these other two. Let’s read three books about winter and snow! Read the full post…

25 Days – Book 25: The Christmas Story

25 Christmas Banner 2014

Merry Christmas! We have reached the end of yet another 25 Days of Christmas picture books. This season went so fast, and yet when I look back at the first books posted this December, it seems like ages ago. How is that possible? As I suspect no one will be visiting today, I will share a simple, vintage Little Golden Book that has sat on my family’s bookshelves for years. It is only appropriate to finish with a Nativity story and what better than a classic Eloise Wilkin styled one. Here is The Christmas Story by Jane Werner Watson, illustrations by Eloise Wilkin, 1956.

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25 Days – Book 8: Jingle Bells


Starting week two in our Christmas picture book advent, let’s look at a short and lovely Golden Book. Taking the classic Christmas song of “Jingle Bells,” this little gem adds a story about a group of merry animals in their one-horse open sleigh who stumble upon the great Santa Claus himself stranded and in need of help on a cold Christmas Eve. A fun tale woven by Kathleen N. Daly and darling illustrations by the wonderful J. P. Miller, this is Jingle Bells a Little Golden Book from 1964.

25 Days, Book 8 Jingle Bells

The Bear family starts off the Christmas Eve adventure by dashing through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh. The text continues with a mixture of song lyrics in bold red text combined with a finishing statement that carries the story along. Read the full post…

25 Days – Book 14: ABC Is For Christmas

ABC is for Christmas is our 14th book for the Christmas Book Advent journey. This is a Golden Book classic from 1974, written by Jane Werner Watson and illustrated beautifully by Sally Augustiny.

Seemingly a simple ABC Christmas book at first glance, this book is so much more! The text rhymes, the pictures are joyous and celebratory, and the style of the 70s shines in all its vintage glory. Read the full post…

Book Review: Little Boy With A Big Horn by Bechdolt & Battaglia

This is a book I picked up at a used bookstore over the Labor Day weekend, Little Boy With A Big Horn, by Jack Bechdolt with pictures by Aurelius Battaglia. I had never seen it before, but the artist name caught my eye, not to mention his gorgeous illustrations. With a musical mayhem, people in lovely period dress, and an eventual saving-the-day moment, it has all the pieces for a fun and charming classic. Read the full post…