John S. Goodall

25 Days – Book 25: An Edwardian Christmas

Merry Christmas! We made it! It is always such a thrill to fulfill my goal of a post a day for nearly a whole month. And it adds to my celebrations and preparations for this joyous holiday. As I fully expect and sincerely hope that no one will be reading this today on such a big holiday, I am simply going to share a new vintage find from the ever amazing Goodall. May your homes be filled with the happy occasion and celebrations like this lovely book: An Edwardian Christmas by John S. Goodall, 1978.

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Book Review: Shrewbettina’s Birthday By John S. Goodall


It is two days from the first day of fall which can only mean two things: First, the best month and season have arrived, and second, I forgot to do anything to celebrate this little blog’s first birthday. August 22, 2012 was my first post here and that date has come and gone unnoticed. So, although I’m a month late, I still prefer to celebrate great birthdays in September and I’m going to celebrate today with a marvel of a little book about a sweet shrew mouse’s birthday. Completely wordless, but incredibly stunning; this is nothing but a little masterpiece from a fantastic illustrator. So come to a party with me in Shrewbettina’s Birthday by John S. Goodall, 1970. Read the full post…