Melissa Sweet

Book Trailer: The Right Word by Bryant and Sweet

Another lovely book trailer for a gorgeous book just released from Eerdmans. Jen Bryant and Melissa Sweet have teamed up for a stunning creation about Peter Roget and his Thesaurus. I recently saw an original piece of art by Melissa Sweet for this at Society of Illustrators and it blew my mind. Her collage illustrations are unparalleled. Check it out! The Right Word: Roget and His Thesaurus, 2014.

Book Review: Little Red Writing By Joan Holub & Melissa Sweet

HolubSweet 1

Confession: I have a very slight obsession with the story of “Little Red Riding Hood.” I know I am not alone in this as I continually find book after book that reillustrates, adapts, or references this famous tale. My collection of said adaptations is slowly growing and I hope to feature more of them now that my penchant toward collecting them is out in the open. I would not have planned my first “little red” review to be what I’m about to share, but I am extra super excited to start off the reviews for the “little red riding hood” tag here with an extremely clever, bizarrely concocted version such as this beauty coming out this fall. That’s right, I’ve got a sneak preview for you! Thanks to some new friends at Chronicle Books, I received this lovely book in the mail last week with hopes that I would like it and want to show it off. Yes and yes! Now it would not have been hard for someone to do their research and see that I am a fan of anything Melissa Sweet creates; but how they knew about my soft spot for this particular tale, I can only wonder. Well played Chronicle.

Without further ado, allow me to present this marvelous adaptation of a much beloved fairytale. Here is Little Red Writing by Joan Holub, pictures by Melissa Sweet, coming October 2013. Read the full post…

Book Review: Brave Girl by Markel & Sweet

BraveGirl 1

Today I present yet another knock-out book from last year that has fantastic art by the (previously admired) collage-illustration fiend, Melissa Sweet. This is a surprisingly intriguing work of non-fiction that tells a powerful tale about a five-foot tall young lady and her fight for the rights of workers. Here is Brave Girl: Clara and the Shirtwaist Makers’ Strike of 1909 by Michelle Markel, pictures by Melissa Sweet, 2012. Read the full post…

Book Review: Balloons Over Broadway By Melissa Sweet

Balloons Over Broadway
Written & Illustrated by Melissa Sweet | 2011

This book review is sadly overdue. I had it mostly ready with pictures and all, and then we had a death in the family and our holiday looked different than anticipated. But I still wish to highlight this book as it is so fun and can be loved anytime, even though it is about the Thanksgiving Day parade. Balloons Over Broadway is a condensed illustrated history about Anthony “Tony” Sarg, and how he came to be the creator/puppeteer of the gigantic balloons of Macy’s parade. Read the full post…

Thanksgiving Storytime Tomorrow!

Local Knoxvillians, don’t miss a Thanksgiving storytime tomorrow at 11am at Union Ave Books! We’ll be reading Balloons Over Broadway by Melissa Sweet which gives the fun story behind the big balloons in the Macy’s parade. We’ll also hopefully be reading the Devlins Cranberry Thanksgiving which is a marvelous vintage classic about a cranberry bread recipe and an attempted theft! See you there!